Why lightforce braces (custom 3D printed braces) are better than traditional braces

Traditional stainless steel or ceramic braces are pre-fabricated in standard shapes and sizes. The orthodontist can bend wires and position braces to help move your teeth in the right direction at each office visit. However, the doctor reacts to what they see when the patient is in the chair and then adjusts the wire or brace accordingly.

LightForce braces allow Dr. Foote to digitally design your smile in advance based on your specific dental anatomy. Your LightForce braces are then 3D printed to fit the unique shape of each tooth. Precisely fitted braces, along with digital treatment planning allows for more efficient treatment, less discomfort, more effective straightening, and shorter treatment times.  LightForce is the next generation of tooth straightening: It’s more efficient, more personalized, and more convenient than any other option.  This optimizes tooth movement, comfort for the patient, and results in reduced treatment time and overall fewer appointments.

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