a rainbow of color ties for braces leads to straight teeth

Of course you know that your braces help to make your teeth straighter, correct your bite and improve your smile. But did you know that something so wonderful can be fun and colorful at the same time?

The stainless steel brackets on your teeth have a slot and two wings. The main wire is placed in the slot and held in place by an elastic color tie that goes around the two wings. Each time you come in for an appointment (approximately every six weeks), the ties are changed, and this gives you the chance to show your colors, so to speak! You can choose one or two colors to reflect a holiday, your school or team spirit, or just your mood! You can have different colors on your teeth each visit, with shades ranging from pastel to bold. Of course, you can always opt to not use colors and instead use steel colored neutral ties, but why not have some fun with your orthodontic treatment.

So if you think braces are boring…think again! Bring your personal color style to your appointment as you follow the path to a new beautiful smile!

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