diy braces: is this right for me?

What are DIY braces? They might seem like part of the “do it yourself” (DIY) trend, the idea of building and fixing things on your own. However, there are certain products that demand years of experience and specialized equipment to get right—braces are one of these.

If you make DIY braces without the training, knowledge, and tools orthodontists have, you could endanger your child. You might cause damage that will cost more money to fix than you would’ve paid to visit an orthodontist in the first place.

what are diy clear braces?

Clear braces are desired for their near invisibility, and some parents make DIY clear braces from a kit they bought on the Internet. This might seem like a safe option at first, but a kit can:

  • Put pressure on the teeth in the wrong places, loosening teeth and even making them fall out.
  • Create a choking hazard.
  • Include cheap and unsafe materials.
  • Come from a company that isn’t responsible to the public and won’t help you if there’s damage to your child’s teeth, jaw, or gums.

Other parents make DIY clear braces on a 3D printer from Internet plans. DIY clear braces, even those printed using a 3D printer, are not customized for a specific set of teeth, and the movement of the teeth isn’t supervised by an experienced dental professional. This can cause damage to your child’s teeth, which you might not notice until it’s too late.

advantages of visiting an orthodontist

You and your child will have a better experience going to an orthodontist rather than using DIY braces. A licensed, trained orthodontist:

  • Will make braces as pain-free as possible
  • Is responsible to his or her community and patients to give the best, safest care.
  • Has years of supervised and independent experience in the best ways to move teeth.
  • Knows the long-term effects of a correct bite.
  • Sees the hidden effects of tooth movement on the jaw, tooth roots, and gums.

You’re paying for the knowledge, training, and experience of an orthodontist. He or she will move your child’s teeth correctly.

If finances are a concern, contact Foote Orthodontics so we can discuss the safest, best, and most affordable option for you. Our Invisalign option, for example, is low-cost, effective, comfortable, and almost invisible.

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