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June 14th – Flag Day

On June 14th, Americans celebrate the adoption of the first U.S. national flag. This flag is sometimes affectionately called “Old Glory”. The Continental Congress approved the first American flag on June 14th, 1777. In fact, according to legend, Philadelphia seamstress Betsy Ross designed the new flag, which consisted of a circle of 13 stars and a blue background. The flag was changed in 1818 when five additional states joined the Union and Congress passed legislation stating that the number of stripes should be fixed at 13 and the number of stars on the flag should equal the number of states.

June 15th – Father’s Day

Father’s Day was first inaugurated in the beginning of the 20th century as a complement to the celebration of Mother’s Day. Father’s day honors parenting and fatherhood and is usually celebrated by children giving gifts and cards to their fathers and holding special family dinners. The first Father’s Day was celebrated June 19th, 1910, and is held on the third Sunday in June in the United States. Other countries may celebrate it on different days, but it is often in June. Your Dad is often a big part of your orthodontic care, and this includes driving you to appointments, supporting your orthodontic treatment financially, and best of all – telling you how great your new smile looks when you finish at Foote Orthodontics! Dr. Catherine Foote’s father was a well-respected Oral Surgeon locally, and he imparted his professionalism and care for patients and the community to his daughter.

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