straight teeth for brides…or anyone who wants a beautiful smile in less time!

Do you want to straighten your teeth for an upcoming special occasion? Perhaps a wedding? According to a Wakefield Research survey, 92% of brides say a smile is the most important wedding day accessory.

However, most brides simply don’t want to, or don’t have the time to undergo comprehensive orthodontic treatment prior to their big day. If so, there are options for you! Short-term brace treatment can get results in six months or less. This treatment is also referred to as “limited” treatment because it primarily focuses on improving the crowding and appearance of the front six upper and/or lower teeth. These teeth, called the “social six”, are the most visible teeth when smiling.

Short-term treatment is suitable for most patients, although it is mainly reserved for adults. It is most commonly used to fix mild-to-moderate anterior crowding problems, such as leveling and aligning teeth, correcting rotations and closing small gaps.

This limited treatment uses either braces (metal or clear ceramic) or Invisalign to improve the appearance of the upper and/or lower front teeth in a very short time – usually less than six months. Short-term braces are the most natural, most conservative and least invasive approach for you to improve your smile. After this limited treatment, your dental hygiene is easier, gums are healthier, and the overall health of your mouth is improved. If you are like many people who have been bothered by crooked front teeth but thought that dental braces committed you to two or more years of treatment, short-term or limited orthodontics offers a healthy and usually less expensive option to comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

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