the invisalign process: what to expect

The Invisalign process provides an effective, aesthetic alternative to the metal braces that you had nightmares about when you were a teenager! The ease of taking aligners off to brush and floss, makes hygiene care far easier than with traditional braces.

is invisalign right for you?

child holding teeth model
Invisalign aligners are suitable for use with children from the ages of seven years, right up into adulthood.

A commitment to using the aligners is necessary as these are taken out for eating and brushing, so you or your child must remember to replace the aligners after these tasks. They must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day, or treatment may not be successful.

Many offices charge more for Invisalign, however at Foote Orthodontics, braces and Invisalign are the same price!

Whatever you decide, your first step needs to be a visit to your local orthodontist or your local Invisalign store for a consultation. Together, you can decide if Invisalign is appropriate for your oral concerns, budget, and needs.

how does invisalign work?
Only orthodontists who have been trained by Align Technology can become certified to treat clients with Invisalign. You can rest assured that you will receive the treatment from a qualified specialist.

The Invisalign system mixes 100-year-old orthodontic science with 3D computer technology to ensure you receive aligners that are a perfect match for your teeth and the issues you want to correct. These issues can include overcrowding, overbites, underbites, and gaps between teeth.

Invisalign treatments typically involve visits to your orthodontist every 8-12 weeks. Aligners will be changed weekly to gradually straighten and realign your teeth.

The Invisalign aligners are clear trays that need to be removed when eating or brushing your teeth. The aligners must be placed in the special aligner case given to you by your orthodontist.

Wrapping it in a cloth or napkin is not advisable as it can be mistakenly disposed of when cleaning up after a meal. And pets love to use aligners as their chew toys!

Your aligners should be cleaned twice a day with a toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste.

Aligners may also be cleaned with Retainer Brite, made specifically to clean plastic aligners. Aligners need to be worn for the majority of the day and should only be removed for eating and brushing!

what is the invisalign process?

close up of an Invisalign in its case
During your initial consultation your orthodontist will use a 3D scanner to get an image of your teeth. They utilize a specialized computer technology to create the aligner trays to precisely match to your teeth.

You won’t have to suffer through messy impressions. The scanning system is safe and easy.

Your next orthodontic visit is when you’ll receive your new aligners, learn how to care for them, and get the answers to any questions you might have. Further visits to your orthodontist will be made according to your individual plan and needs. Several aligners will be given to you at your initial visit and your follow-up appointment will be scheduled.

the invisalign process is simple and painless.
You might experience some initial, very mild discomfort when you first use your new tray. But this will only last a day or two. You might also experience some difficulty taking your tray out of your mouth, but once you’ve practiced this task a few times, it will become second nature. This will all be reviewed at your initial visit and we will make sure you are comfortable taking your aligner in and out. By the time you move on to your second tray, managing any situation with your new smile becomes effortless.

During the Invisalign treatment process, you’ll need to maintain good oral hygiene, so cleaning and flossing your teeth are still necessary. Remember the only liquid allowed to be consumed while the aligners are in your mouth is water.

how do i begin my invisalign treatment?

doctor explaining an Invisalign to young patient
Foote Orthodontics is proud to offer this revolutionary treatment to our patients.

We’ve seen the successful results many times and our patients are thrilled to easily overcome dental issues such as crossbites, underbites, overbites, crowded teeth and gaps between teeth.

For your convenience, Foote Orthodontics provides Invisalign treatment in two locations in Pennsylvania. Call either our Bryn Mawr or Wayne offices today. Book your initial consultation and prepare to smile with confidence.

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